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Weirdness, Witchcraft, and Networking

Listen to Lelde's story about finding a tribe wherever you are

Embracing Curiosity and Weirdness in Networking with Lelde Legzdina

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In this episode, Michael converses with Lelde Legzdina, a LinkedIn content creator, personal branding, and marketing entrepreneur known for her positivity and approachable nature in networking.

Lelde shares her journey from studying psychology in the UK to working in a sustainable networking company in Berlin, and evolving into a digital nomad exploring Thailand. She emphasizes the importance of being genuinely interested in others, asking engaging questions, and embracing one's weirdness to build meaningful connections.

Lelde provides practical advice on preparing for networking events, practicing eye contact, and being your authentic self to find your tribe. She advocates for making people feel seen and heard through active listening rather than merely responding. The conversation also touches upon Lelde's personal interests in spirituality and witchcraft, highlighting how embracing one's uniqueness can foster deeper connections.

00:00 Introduction to the Guest: Lelde Legzdina, The LinkedIn Content Creator

00:35 Exploring Lelde's Unique Approach to Networking and Personal Branding

03:13 Lelde's Journey from the UK to Berlin and Embracing Networking

06:33 The Digital Nomad Life in Thailand and Future Plans

07:48 Networking Strategies and Finding Your Tribe Anywhere

13:35 Embracing Weirdness and Authenticity in Networking

18:51 Practical Networking Tips and Exiting Conversations Gracefully

21:34 Mastering the Art of Conversation: Tips and Insights

22:17 The Essence of Being Present in Conversations

22:55 Listening to Engage: A Key to Meaningful Interactions

24:19 Navigating Conversations: From Deep Talks to Small Talk

31:15 The Power of Eye Contact in Communication

37:21 Summarizing the Conversation: Key Takeaways and Advice

40:42 Connecting Beyond the Conversation

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