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Make the most out of online communities!

A talk with Ryan Wardell on not being the "startup tourist"

Howdy, friends!

Today’s a treat for all of us.

Online and Offline Networking: Maximizing Value and Building Relationships

In this episode, the Introvert Networker hosts Ryan Wardell. The creator of, an online community for SaaS founders. The discussion centers on online networking, the richness of online communities, how to transfer online relationships to offline, and ideal ways to network at events and conferences.

Ryan shares his insights on curating online communities and provides guidance for better engagement. The talk also delves into the importance of maintaining a good mix of online and offline networking as well as using online platforms for scale and strategic connections, but prioritizing face-to-face interaction for deeper relationships.

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00:00 Introduction and Guest Presentation

00:32 The Importance of Networking in Online Communities

01:31 Ryan's Journey into Building Online Communities

04:38 The Birth of Startup Sauce

06:46 The Power of Selective Networking

09:08 The Challenges and Rewards of Building an Online Community

19:22 Balancing Online and Offline Networking

23:08 The Power of Online Communities

23:20 The Challenges of Networking at Conferences

24:15 The Strategy of Combining Online and Offline Networking

24:48 The Importance of Face-to-Face Interactions

25:05 The Role of Online Communities in Facilitating Face-to-Face Meetups

25:26 The Art of Balancing Online and Offline Networking

27:05 The Power of Being Active in Online Communities

28:39 The Importance of Skill in Networking

29:30 The Strategy of Organizing Events for Networking

33:35 The Art of Making Introductions

35:55 The Power of Asking for Help

37:40 The Importance of Being Genuine in Networking

39:20 The Strategy of Offering Value in Networking

41:04 The Power of Asking for What You Need

42:30 The Importance of Persistence in Networking

43:11 The Power of Online Networking

43:47 Conclusion: No One is Out of Reach

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