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Making that first step towards people.

On using LEGO in self-development and being intentional with Amale Ghalbouni.

Making the First Step: A Chat with Amale Ghalbouni

In this episode of The Introvert Networker, we’re having a conversation with Amale Ghalbouni. An Ex-executive strategy director turned executive coach.

We’re delving deep into Amale's unique career journey from Lebanon to the UK, the nuances of networking especially for introverts, and the importance of intentionality. Amale sheds light on her experiences as a 'people-person introvert', various transitions she went through, and her learning curve. She expands on the concept of Lego Serious Play and how she uses it in coaching sessions. A significant takeaway from the talk is the value of taking a step back, being intentional about one's choices, but also being prepared to adapt.

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00:00 Introduction and Guest Presentation

01:07 Amale's Journey: From Lebanon to the UK

02:24 The Power of Networking and Personal Growth

05:26 Overcoming Challenges and Adapting to New Environments

08:54 The Importance of Making the First Step

10:04 The Impact of Perception and Confidence in Networking

10:54 The Power of Personal Connection and Lowering Expectations

15:48 The Value of Personal Outreach and Building Relationships

19:09 Exploring the Concept of Lego Serious Play

24:00 The Power of Structure: Building Your Personal Elevator Pitch

25:10 Transformative Impact of the 'Bricks' Approach

26:07 The Journey to Self-Discovery: Who Are You?

26:41 The Power of Play: Building Relationships through Fun

27:54 Reframing Success: A Case Study

33:00 Cultural Differences: Navigating the UK and Lebanon

36:30 Networking Strategies in Different Cultural Environments

41:02 The Importance of Being Intentional

44:39 Embracing Change and Experimentation

47:08 Connect with Amale: Where to Find More

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